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Supplier of New Biomaterial for Facial/Abdominal Reconstruction

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  • nanoregmed

    Nanotechnology Conference:…

    29th August @ 15:01
  • nanoregmed

    Partnership with GreenTech Corporation Ltd announced to focus on marine applications of Nanoregmed's nanocomposite copolymer.

    29th August @ 14:42
  • nanoregmed

    (April 2014) Xellbiogene - A new technique uses adipose tissue stem cells for cartilage reconstruction.…

    10th August @ 15:02
  • nanoregmed

    (July 2014) Ground-breaking research into developing lab-grown organs, shown off at a new centre at the Royal Free…

    1st August @ 13:59
  • nanoregmed

    (July 2014) Company founded to commercialise and expedite availability of ground-breaking nano-biomaterials for medical use.

    1st August @ 13:58
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Research and Business in Partnership

NanoRegMed Ltd works in partnership with world renown educational and research institutions to bring to market medical discoveries and innovations.

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Global Markets

Our products, including biomaterial for facial and abdominal reconstruction, will be made available worldwide (pending local approval).

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Outstanding Telecoms

Our advisors are available 24/7 to help answer any questions you may have relating to our products, locations or current/potential partnerships.